Hartland's consultants have many years experience in the management of websites, online shops, SEO, social media and web and email servers. In fact our history of server management stretches back to June 1993 when Microsoft released Windows NT, the server operating system that at the time was said to be the last word in large scale network security. NT was the precursor of the internet but most people had no idea that the internet existed until some time around 1996 so it has to be said that we were ahead of the game. Windows NT evolved into other products and today most small websites run on Linux servers which are less susceptible to hacking than the early Microsoft products.

Hartland is also one of the earliest Nominet TAG holders with extensive experience of domain name management and dispute resolution so we are in the fairly rare position of being able to set up web servers and email servers with their own DNS from scratch with the domain directly connected to Nominet rather than running through a third party ISP as a virtual Domain Name Server.

Microsoft training certificate

We have a number of clients who, having analysed their employee costs, reached the conclusion that a modest monthly fee, probably less than the employer's NIC contribution for an in-house IT specialist, is far more cost effective than a full time employee.

We operate annually renewable fixed term agreements for a fixed fee. Please contact us for further information and to discuss a quotation.



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