Even though Facebook has a billion users and Twitter about 250,000 social media is not well understood and there are a lot of rogues out there who are happy to mislead and defraud the innocent. Recently someone we know was telephoned by fraudsters who promised they would set him up with a personal Facebook account plus a Facebook page for his business. For only £500 they would also get him 2,000 'likes' for his business page.

So what's wrong with that? Well, the 2,000 'likes' are fake. When someone 'likes' your page it means that (a) they have seen it and visited it and (b) they are interested in your content so when you add more content they see a notification on their home page. If they find it relevant they might even buy something off you! In the case of our friend because the 'likes' are fake there is nobody out there to see his bulletins so anything he posts is simply a complete waste of time. Fortunately he hadn't paid them up front and as they have now disappeared he still has his £500. The downside is that he doesn't have the password to access the page so he can't use it and he can't delete it. We subsequently set up a genuine page which after several months had clocked up 600 genuine 'likes' but now he is stuck with two Facebook pages which is causing confusion.

There is a lot to social media but the point is that because it's organic you can make a lot of contacts relatively quickly and many of those contacts will introduce you to more genuinely interested people. Marketing has always been a numbers game. Social media makes it an inexpensive numbers game so you can easily promote your brand if you know how to do it. We are experts and we don't wrap it up in jargon. It really isn't that complicated.

The right hand column shows a typical Twitter feed from one of our client sites. In this case the bulletins are used to update supporters of Trimmers Solar Farm with news of the latest developments in clean energy.

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