Presentations, Proposals and Pitches

We pull together our wide range of design, layout and engineering skills to produce succinct and persuasive presentations and proposals. The backbone of our offering is often Microsoft Powerpoint and we also work on other platforms including the internet. Presentations can be static as shown below, animated using simulation techniques or straightforward video with background music scored specifically for the application.

The presentation shown below was for a proposal to install several solar powered pumping stations for irrigation projects in Malawi. The client wanted to pitch but also needed engineering support. Utilising our working knowledge of solar energy systems we researched the requirement and finally specified all of the hardware and software ensuring that local support and service for some of the equipment would be available local to the installation.

The complete Powerpoint presentation can be downloaded here.


Aquabor Sales Proposal


The animation shown below which runs through design proposals for grid-connected solar powered streetlights was produced for British Solar Power and includes a soundtrack written specifically for the project:



The video shown below was produced for one of our website clients:



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