Over the last 20 years we have designed and built over 200 websites for clients throughout the UK. The most efficient fastest-loading sites use HTML and CSS coding combined with JavaScript. These sites can only be maintained by experienced coders so many people opt for a website based on a CMS system such as Wordpress which they can log into themselves to control their content. Often these websites include a blog which demands a constant supply of new content which as any PR agency will admit is not always easy to conjure up.

In practice this tends not to be what people actually want because unless CMS sites are updated frequently they can quickly become very obviously out of date which doesn't look good for the enterprise. It doesn't take long Googling around the web to find websites that haven't been updated for one or two years. This is fine for some companies but to set out to look dynamic then fail to live up to it just invites criticism. Facebook and Twitter are considerably easier to maintain with small bulletins than a system such as Wordpress so it can make more sense to link Twitter and Facebook together and feed the bulletins directly into a web page.

CMS websites can be vulnerable to hacking and are often slow to load because they have to access a database server which might be busy serving someone else's data to anothert website so HTML sites can be the best solution for some companies. There are many options and we have experience of most.

Here are some simple brochure websites that haven't been changed for literally years, although you wouldn't know it, accompanied by a flat HTML site which is updateded almost weekly. A properly coded site requires very little effort or cost to keep current provided it is structured correctly at the outset.

The Fibroids website is particularly challenging because it is very specialised but also competes for Google ranking against some very large websites such as the NHS which Google perceives as very important because of its size. It holds its own by staying current and by updating its Twitter and Facebook feeds almost daily - a task which takes only 5 or 6 minutes. Google 'fibroids' - hopefully you will see it come up on page 1.

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