Website Design, Mobile Apps and Social Media

We produced one of the first U.K. websites in 1995 since when we have designed hundreds more for clients across almost every market segment imaginable. Our skilled designers and coders work from central London, the Western Corridor and the hotbed of innovation and creativity that is Brighton. Social Media is now an important part of the mix and we use a variety of techniques to maximise return on investment for clients ranging from Equine Clothing, Golf Ranges and Bridal Gowns to Hi-Tech Interventional Radiology.

Our UX Qualified Designers leverage a variety of technical skills to combine sound research, adaptability, and empathy with testing and iteration leading to polished user-friendly websites. With a focus on data-driven UX methodology we aim to maximise conversion rate optimization.

Please call us on 0203 291 2821 to discuss your objectives with an empathetic and creative professional with over 20 years experience.


Our specialists are experienced in a wide range of design discplines including the design of creative websites, 2D and 3D Computer Aided Design, Presentation, Animation, 3D printing and prototyping and renewable energy. We have a number of clients who, having analysed their employee costs have reached the conclusion that a fixed monthly fee, probably less than the employer's NIC contribution for an in-house IT specialist, is far more cost effective than a full time employee. Hartland is an accredited Nominet Channel Partner and TAG holder.

Crowd Funding

We provide a suite of services to assist with submitting a crowdfunding campaign. Our video production service includes storyboarding, filming, editing, a musical soundtrack, CGI animation and post production supported by an appropriate website with integrated social media accounts and content. Kickstarter and many other sites stipulate that you must have a physical prototype of your product. A computer generated image is not sufficient. Utilising our expertise in engineering, electronics, CAD, and 3D printing we can prototype your concept and then champion your development process. In short, a complete service to get you where you need to be to start crowdfunding.

Renewable Energy

We have direct experience of small and large scale solar energy systems and the related research and legal processes. Our associate company Britsolar is an accredited MIS-3002 solar PV installer with an extensive knowledge of planning and the associated survey requirements including G59/3 Grid Connection applications.

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