Product design has changed forever. Thanks to 3D printing an item can now be drawn in CAD and physically printed as a finished three dimensional object in a day. Before the advent of 3D printing you would have had to contract a design agency, pay a significant bill for the design process and then a further substantial bill for a short-run mould to enable the item to be prototyped as a first pass model.

After this outlay and assuming that the design had gone perfectly to plan the next step would have been to make a more substantial mould to manufacture a run of 1,000 or so units. That was assuming that you could sell a thousand units and of course in many cases that would not have been realistic in the early part of a product life cycle.

Thanks to today's high quality 3D printers and our associated design skills we can bring your product into reality on a very short timescale. We can design it, prototype it, adjust it and then re-prototype it at an affordable cost. When you are happy with it we can produce a final prototype of your new product followed up with a mini production run.

Now you can trial product sales without the huge financial risk of yesteryear.

Please use the form on our contact page to outline your project or call our Brighton number. We print in both ABS plastic and environmentally friendly bio plastic (PLA) in various colours.

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