We provide the following 3D modelling services:


  • Floor plans, elevations, electrical layouts and schematics
  • Surveys of existing partition and furniture layouts
  • Space planning of partitions and furniture
  • Record of issue and revision if required
  • Drawing title block creation
  • Liaison with Engineers for as fitted detail
  • Full set of clearly laid out as installed drawings for O&M inclusion

A 3D render brings a design to life in a way that everyone can understand and makes a space feel real long before on-site work begins. A 3D model makes a design stand out over your competitors and also provides a professional image for your design and your company. With a 3D model as a visual aid selling your ideas becomes a lot easier giving the client a clear picture of how their new space will work. We can provide computer models of individual rooms and offices or larger multiple room floor plans.


We can also provide different levels of detail in a model depending on the aspects of the design you want to experiment with. All our models are to scale ensuring realistic proportions for the end product.

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